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This article will talk about pull-up skills and the knowledge points corresponding to how to pull up skills. I hope it will be helpful to you. Don’t forget Bookmark this site. Contents of this article: 1. Skills for doing pull-ups 2. Which pull-up tester is good? 3. What are the pull-up skills? 4. Pull-up fitness training skills. Methods and techniques are as follows: straight arm suspension to failure. For people with poor grip and weak strength, you can start with straight arm suspension. It is recommended to hang to exhaustion each time, repeat 4-5 groups each time, and train once every 2 days. This kind of training is very suitable for girls with poor physical fitness. 2. Arm strength training The arm strength of pull-ups is the key to completing the action, so arm strength training should be strengthened. You can use dumbbells, barbells and other equipment for arm strength training, and gradually increase the weight and frequency to gradually increase arm strength. Pay attention to the correct posture and standardized movements during practice to avoid injury. 3.) Jump up or hold the horizontal bar with the forehand with the help of stepping feet, and hold the hands wider than shoulder width. 2) Keeping your body stable, bend your knees and cross your feet behind you. Training action 3) Slowly bend your elbows and pull your body up until your chin exceeds the horizontal bar. 4) Slowly straighten your arms and lower your body, returning to the starting position. 4. Correctly train both hands to hold the horizontal bar with a wide grip, straighten the arms, hang the body, and bend the legs and calves. 5. How to practice pull-ups Do backhand pull-ups: Backhand pull-ups are less difficult than forehand pull-ups. If you can't do one chin-up, try a chin-up. You can alternate between these two workouts each day as your strength increases. The pull-up tester which good creative thinking pull-up device is very good. According to the query of relevant public information, I learned about the pull-up technique. The overall experience of using the creative thinking pull-up device is still good. The details of the workmanship of the pull-up technique are also full of surprises. The price is high, the quality is excellent, and the durability is strong. It belongs to the first-line big brand. HK/600 height tester automatically measures human body height parameters. When the lower jaw exceeds the upper edge of the horizontal bar, return to the straight arm hanging posture, and complete 1 time. The testers recorded the number of times the subjects completed the pull-up technique. In units of times. When using the electronic pull-up tester, the arm strap should be attached to the middle of the subject's upper arm. After the test, the display shows the number of times the pull-up technique was performed. What are the pull-up techniques What are the pull-up techniques Shortening the grip distance According to the standard practice, the grip distance between the hands should be greater than the shoulder width. In the gym, there are fixed handles separated from the left and right, just holding the bend. This is the standard grip distance position. Do chin-ups: Chin-ups are less difficult than forehands. If you can't do one chin-up, try a chin-up. You can alternate between these two workouts each day as your strength increases. Bungee Cord Assist: A bungee cord attached to the horizontal bar and looped around your knees. Pull-up training methods and techniques are as follows: Suspension training Suspension training is to let fitness beginners first master the correct grip posture. Training steps: First, fully extend your arms, grab the bar, and separate your hands a little wider than shoulder width; then, lift your feet off the ground, try to bring your shoulder blades together, and activate your back muscles. Enhancing upper body strength To do pull-ups, you need to overcome your own weight, and gradually increase the difficulty and frequency, which can effectively enhance upper body muscle strength and endurance. By exercising the muscles of the upper body, you can increase muscle strength and circumference, improve body shape and posture, and help prevent shoulder and cervical spine diseases. Arm Exercise Tips: Arm exercises can be done with an overhand, narrow grip. Pull-ups and backhands will use more arm muscles, can stimulate more biceps brachii, and build strong and powerful arms. And the narrower the grip, the stronger the exercise for the arms. The original goal of the pull-up technique is to train the strength of your arm muscles, not to train your fingers. Keep your grips the way you normally climb while training and keep your hands shoulder-width apart. Pull-up fitness training skills and methods 1. Horizontal bar half-grip hanging training. Use your body's own weight to hang your body with a half-grip of your fingers. It takes time to maintain this posture as much as possible, and it can train the endurance of your fingers. This is a static strength exercise, and it is better to improve the grip on the bar. Seated barbell wrist flexion exercise. 2. Standing position (both at attention and with legs apart) lift barbells, dumbbells or sandbags. Standing curls with a small barbell and dumbbells. Power-assisted pull-ups: This is a load-reducing exercise method, mainly for the initial training of soldiers with poor pull-up strength. When assisting, try to make the practitioner exert the maximum strength. 3. Backhand pull-ups: One of the pull-ups we often do is the forehand. What we are talking about today is the backhand pull-up, which is more difficult than the forehand. 4. The most effective way to practice pull-ups is as follows: First, stick to the pull-up state, grasp the horizontal bar, keep your hands shoulder-width apart, and use your right arm and back muscles to pull up your body. Grab the horizontal bar with an underhand grip, first grasp the horizontal bar with an underhand grip, keep your hands shoulder-width apart, and don't stretch your arms. 5. How to practice pull-ups is the most effective. First of all, you must master the essential movements. Practice grasping the horizontal bar first, hanging with straight arms until you can't support it. This increases arm strength and hand grip. This is the end of the introduction to pull-up techniques and how to pull them up. Did you find the information you need? 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Pull-up skills➣How to pull up skills



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