Zhang Xiu, the god general of the world, the world's top ten most powerful martial spirits? ,

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Hello everyone, today the editor has paid attention to a more interesting topic, which is about the Zhangxiu matching moves of the world of God, so the editor has compiled a related introduction The answer, let's take a look. The top ten most powerful martial spirits in the world? The top ten most powerful martial spirits in the world? No. 1: Huang Gai (here he is very strong in PVP, but he must be highly skilled to play Huang Gai of NB. With good operation, he can beat Zhang Fei, so he tops the list.) No. 2: Xiao Qiao (Home run damage, nothing to say about breaking the formation.) No. 3: Big Joe (I have just used this for less than 2 days, and I feel good overall. Her storm damage is very high in PVE, and her water curtain can Resist damage, press it again to launch water bombs. The attack is average. There is also a talent that can trap people, even in the air.) 4th place: Le Jin (he used Zhanbafang to attack in the corner, said that the underworld stopped Water replenishes blood and replenishes mana, as if it is the 4th.) 5th: Fudou (he must have the skill to move through the moon + high damage. It is necessary to avoid skill attacks. Inu hunting and fast tooth are also good Moreover, Moonlight continues to replenish blood, faster than Le Jin’s, but it disappears as soon as it is hit. Therefore, it is ranked 5th) 6th: Zhang Xiu (everyone should know the martial spirit of Zhang Xiu, he is the master of the sky , Once he jumps up, the set of skill damage in the air is nothing to say! But the overall PVE only has Thunder Fang, which is good. Therefore, it is 6th) 7th: Tai Shici (Tai Shici’s talent is landslides and ground cracks, lava damage is very good The height is very high~~, and his Hot Wheels are very good) No. 8: Step trainer, Han Dang (Many skills of the step trainer are very powerful and full of damage, but they are not good if they are close There is a way, here she and Han Dang are ranked 8th.) 9th: Meng Huo (Meng Huo's single attack is very powerful talent + Chaoyang = single attack tyrant. But group attack is not~~) 10th: in The last powerful martial soul in our top 10 martial soul list is: Cao Ang! (The reason why he is ranked 10th is because his skills are very good, and he is a master when fighting with people, but this is just a single piece Thinking about it, as long as the enemy manipulates well and keeps a distance from Cao Ang, Cao Ang's ability will be greatly weakened. So become No. 10 in our top ten list! No. 11: Pound. (His Death Scythe here is very good, whether it is LE Both ability and backhand ability are NB. There is also the magical skill Bilun, which can’t be turned backhand at all, and the opponent can only be beaten, although it has been weakened) No. 12: Zhang Bao. (Thunderbolt!!! Good combo) No. 13th place: Yu Ji. (There is no such thing as a trap king!!) No. 14: Hua Tuo. (There is no such thing as a martial soul that travels all over the world!!) No. 15: Zhao Yun. (A handsome martial soul, the overall is the Jade Emperor The skills are not bad, and the comprehensive ability is average.) So far, the above is the introduction of the editor's questions about the Zhangxiu matching moves in the world of God. I hope that the 1-point answer about the Zhangxiu matching moves in the world of God will be useful to everyone.

Zhang Xiu, the god general of the world, the world's top ten most powerful martial spirits? ,



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