How to optimize keywords specifically, how to optimize keywords? ,

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Hello everyone, today the editor has paid attention to a more interesting topic, which is about how to optimize keywords, so I compiled 2 related introductions about how to optimize keywords The answer, let's take a look. How to optimize keywords? Key points of optimization for different types of keywords? How to optimize keywords? Four ways to optimize keywords 1. Domain name Many well-optimized websites have regular domain names and their own meanings. These domain names are composed of several letters or words, so don’t worry too much Care about the length of the domain name. Search engines like meaningful domain names. Even if the domain names are longer, they are always better than meaningless domain names. But the domain name should not be too long. A simple domain name will be better remembered, and it will also increase the user experience and allow more users to browse the website. 2. Title We often write keywords in the title, keyword tags, and description tags of the website. However, since the search engine updated its algorithm, it has lowered the weight of description and keyword tags, and instead paid more attention to them. The title of the site. The reason for this is that many websites have a lot of keywords in their tags and descriptions. Therefore, when we write the title, we must not pile up keywords, and we must reflect the central idea of the website concisely and clearly. 3. Page keyword insertion We all know that the core of the website is the content, and the title and description are secondary. The distribution of keywords in the content of the website will directly affect the weight and ranking of the website. Under normal circumstances, the keyword density of an article is 2-8, which depends on the number of words in the article. If there are too few keywords, the search engine will not be able to determine it. If there are too many keywords, then it will pile up. Key words, it is possible to be punished. 4. Pictures Most people know that pictures can not only beautify the website, but also attract users, but what they don’t know is that pictures can also add keywords to improve user experience. Although search engines cannot read pictures, they can grab pictures through the ALT attribute. We can add keywords to the ALT attribute of the picture, which can give users a better experience, and at the same time allow search engines to include keywords and improve website keyword optimization. Key points of optimization for different types of keywords? 1. Classification by popularity Keyword popularity is the recent keyword search volume. Under normal circumstances, keywords with greater search volume will have higher popularity, and vice versa, lower popularity. 1. Hot keywords Hot keywords refer to keywords with a large search volume in the near future. Such keywords are very competitive and difficult to optimize, but if such keywords are optimized to the forefront of search engines , you will get more traffic. 2. Unpopular keywords Unpopular keywords refer to keywords with a small search volume recently. Fewer people search for such keywords, and the traffic they get will be correspondingly less. 3. Ordinary keywords Ordinary keywords refer to keywords with a certain search volume. This kind of keywords are not very competitive, and have a high degree of subdivision, high precision, and a wide coverage area, which can also bring more traffic to the website. A certain amount of traffic. 2. Classification by importance 1. Core keywords Core keywords refer to keywords that can reflect the theme of the website, and the content of the website is also developed around these keywords. These keywords are very competitive, but they can also bring in a lot of traffic. 2. Secondary keywords Secondary keywords are words extended from core keywords, and their importance is one level lower than core keywords. Usually, when we do keyword layout, they are used as auxiliary keyword candidates. 3. Long-tail keywords Long-tail keywords are mainly expanded from the core keywords and are composed of several words. These keywords have relatively low competition, but they are more purposeful. Optimizing such keywords Words can get precise traffic. At the same time, from the perspective of SEO, based on the issue of competition, when we often recommend new website SEO, such keywords are the first choice, so as to quickly obtain the relevant ranking and accumulate the trust of the website. So far, the above is the introduction of the editor to the specific question of how to optimize keywords. I hope that the 2-point answer about how to optimize keywords will be useful to everyone.

How to optimize keywords specifically, how to optimize keywords? ,



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