The jump relationship does not conform to the rules➣➣Jump event

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➣➣This article will talk about the jump relationship does not match the rules, and the knowledge points corresponding to the jump event. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. Don’t forget Bookmark this site. Article catalog: 1. The search engine cannot jump to the crawler 2. How does Excel make the content of non-adjacent cells jump? 3. How to solve the problem of Router cross-module jumping 4. The website revision tool manual search engine cannot jump The various jumps of crawlers are also one of the spider traps. In addition to 301 redirects, search engines are more sensitive to other forms of jumps, such as: 302 jumps, JavaScrt jumps, Flash jumps, and Meta Refresh jumps. When some website users visit the homepage, they will be automatically redirected to the pages under a certain category. Why is there less and less information in search engines? Why has the Internet become an island of information? First, web crawlers have permissions. We need to briefly understand how search engines search for information. Can't do this? Let's take the most important Baidu crawler in China as an example. You have a new website, and you want it to crawl you, you need to submit your website to Baidu Webmaster Platform first. This needs to meet some requirements, such as having a domain name, and the domain name must be filed. Search engine crawler (also known as web spider, web robot) is a program or script that automatically grabs information on the World Wide Web according to certain rules. If old websites and old websites have been included before, and suddenly they find that search engines do not include them during this period of time, they should be alerted. Check the website as soon as possible. How does Excel make the content of non-adjacent cells jump? As shown in the figure below, the jump relationship between cells A1 and B1 is to be swapped with the content that does not conform to the rules, and then click to select cell A1. Then move the mouse to the right border of cell A1, and the mouse will turn into a four-way arrow. As shown in the figure below, in order to facilitate the distinction between the jump relationship and the rules, I first set the various colors for the columns of the table. Let’s take exchanging columns B and C as an example to demonstrate, first select column B or column C. Press and hold the shift key, and move the mouse to the edge of the selected column (column C), and move this column to the target position (column B). The first method: Use Excel’s built-in positioning function, use the shortcut key Ctrl+G to open the positioning function, enter the name of the cell to be jumped to in the reference position, and then click OK. The second method: position the mouse on the name box in the upper left corner, enter the name of the cell to be jumped to, and click the Enter key. Hold down the CTRL key to select non-adjacent content, and then copy and paste. If that doesn't work, try it first on the two blank rows, then on the two columns. I just tried it. How to solve the problem of Router cross-module jumping 1. The first method is relatively simple and direct, and the code is easier to maintain. The second method, where the routing guard jump relationship does not conform to the rules, can solve the problem, but it is a bit overkill. Considering that the jump relationship and rules do not meet your needs, from the perspective of code maintenance, there is a bit of cost. 2. Jump through the gateway. Jump from module A to the front end of module B, through the zuul gateway, after changing the two configurations of zuul's routes to be consistent, you can see the front page of module B. 3. React can directly use react-router to implement routing. ReactRouter is a routing component applied to ReactJS developed by Ryan Florence. It implements page routing mapping, parameter parsing and delivery by defining ReactJS component Routes and related subcomponents. 4. Then the jump relationship here does not match the rules. Let's first understand the usage of these two modules. Let's talk about the ui-router module first, which is mainly used to implement deep routing. Website revision tool user manual) domain name change: only the domain name has been changed, such as changed, but the directory structure has not changed. You can add the two domain names before and after the revision in the "Add Revision Rules" - "Site Revision" of the website revision tool, and submit. Note that the front and back domain names submitted here must be different. , Website Revision Tool After the website revision tool is upgraded, complex regular expressions are canceled, the operation is simpler, and three-level revision methods are provided: main domain-level revision, site-level revision, and directory-level revision. Address of the website revision tool: http://zhanzhang.baidu.com/rewrite/index Prerequisite for using the website revision tool: The website has been revised and the correct 301 jump relationship has been set. The old and new websites that have been revised have all been verified on the Baidu webmaster platform. This is the end of the introduction to the inconsistency between the jump relationship and the rules. Thank you for taking the time to read the content of this site. Don’t forget to search for more information about the jump events and the inconsistency between the jump relationship and the rules on this site.

The jump relationship does not conform to the rules➣➣Jump event



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