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This article will tell you about 360 Pet Home and the knowledge points corresponding to aa Pet Home. I hope it will be helpful to you. Don’t forget to bookmark this site oh. List of catalogs in this article: 1. There is a small meat ball that can slide under the dog’s armpit skin. What is it? 2. What are the local methods for parasitic diseases in ornamental fish? 3. What conditions can a German Shepherd apply for a breeding certificate? Insect medicine 1/4 There is a small meat ball that can slide under the skin of the dog's armpit, what is it? 1. A bag in the dog's armpit may be caused by various reasons. 360 Pet Home, including skin infections, hives, tumors or fat cysts. First of all, it is necessary to observe the size, color, shape of the bag, and whether there are other symptoms such as ulceration and bleeding. 2. There is a pimple under the dog's skin that will slide. It may be because the dog was not vaccinated well before, which caused the injection site to swell, and a small pimple formed over time. When sliding this small bump, the dog has no reaction, this is not harmful to the dog, so it can be ignored. 3. This kind of situation in dogs is usually lipoma. If other things are normal, under normal circumstances, it will have little effect on the health of dogs. 4. Genetics: The growth of meatballs under the skin of dogs may be caused by genetic factors. If the dog's relatives have a history of scabies, then the dog's probability of suffering from scabies is higher. What is the soil method for the parasitic disease of ornamental fish? Take out the sick fish and put it in professional potion 360 pet home to sterilize it. Thoroughly clean the fish tank 360 pet home, sterilize the fish tank 360 pet home, and then re-raise the water and put the fish. Choose appropriate drugs for treatment according to the type of parasite. Commonly used drugs include formalin, acetic acid, organic phosphorus agents, and potassium permanganate solution. Treatment method: The sick fish can be soaked with trichlorfon solution at a concentration of 0.25 to 5 parts per million (0.25~5ppm), or removed with tweezers, or 666 solution with one part per million (1ppm) Soak, or put the fish in o%~5% salt water, and the parasites can be expelled after 2~3 days. Medicated bath method: The medicated bath method is suitable for sick fish that have stopped eating. The safe dosage of the medicated bath is to use one-eighth of a piece of Changchongqing per 100 liters of water, that is, each piece of Changchongqing medicine needs to be mixed with 800 liters of water, and continuously The diseased fish were treated with medicated bath for 3 days, during which the water was changed every day and an appropriate amount of medicine was added. Is there any solution to the parasitic disease of ornamental fish? There is no earth way or only medicine. In fish farming, you should choose a suitable container, maintain a good environment, carry out scientific feeding, and regularly clean the fish tank and change the water appropriately. The easiest way is to heat hot water (feel the temperature with your hands), add some edible salt (try a little salty taste with your tongue), put the fish in the water for about 20 minutes, and put the fish back into the fish tank. Add some hot water first (to prevent fish from irritating and catching a cold). The water temperature is about 30 degrees, so that the water temperature will naturally drop. Kill the parasites carried by the fish body. Before the fish body overwinters, there are more or less certain parasites. Once the water temperature rises, these parasites are easy to reproduce in large numbers, causing a large number of fish bodies to be infected. What are the conditions for a German Shepherd to apply for a breeding certificate? Breeding is to keep only those dogs recorded in the SV breeding file, and the minimum breeding age is 2 years old. Also, must pass at least Defense Dog Level 1 and Endurance Tests. Also, the dog has to pass a hip inspection and should have an "a" stamp on the pedigree certificate. Sick dogs and dogs without ear numbers are not allowed to breed. Can. Breeding must first pass the performance test: Xixiang servant reference dogs must first show naturalness, stability, self-confidence and obedience. Then put the dog in different stimulating situations to see the characteristics of the dog. All are under the control of the handler. Before going to measure, weigh, judge by breeding experts in standing and exercise. Male dogs used for breeding must be at least 2 years old, and female dogs (mating date) must be at least 20 months old. Accidental mating before the minimum age needs to be reported to the breeding office, which will verify and give the offspring a white blood certificate. One-quarter of cat deworming medicine 1. Cats may have certain adverse reactions after taking deworming medicine, such as vomiting and loss of appetite. You can feed some gastrointestinal regulators, such as pet big probiotics, to help cats adjust their stomach and stop Vomiting and diarrhea, generally the cat will recover slowly in about 2 days. If adverse symptoms persist, it is recommended to seek medical attention. 2. No, it is recommended that the owner feed the cat after it is three catties or more, otherwise it may cause cat poisoning and irreversible damage to the kidneys. 3. Albendazole Tablets is an anthelmintic drug for repelling hookworms, roundworms and other nematodes in the body. However, cat deworming should be used exclusively for pets. The dosage of pet deworming medicine is used according to body weight, which is safe and efficient. Human medicine should not be used on pets, because the dosage of the medicine is not clear, and the conversion to pet medicine is not clear. 4. It works. The worms were killed by the medicine so they were pulled out, otherwise the worms would have stayed in the stomach. It's a bit watery, but it's okay, and the insect repellent medicine has a little gastrointestinal reaction, so you can rest assured. And I don't need to take insect repellent for the time being. Since one shot is effective, cats have resistance to parasites for a period of time. 5. This is calculated according to the weight of the cat. You can see if there is a mark of 10KG to eat one. Many cats weigh only about 5KG when they become adults, so it is not too late to go home and measure them before feeding them. 6. The symptoms of intestinal parasites in cats often include: eat a lot but lose weight, big belly, strange food (such as licking walls, eating soil, etc.), blood in the stool, irregular diarrhea, and dirty things in the anus. This is the end of the introduction about 360 Pet Home and aa Pet Home. Did you find the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to bookmark and follow this site.

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