How much does it cost to make a company webpage? How much does it cost to build a company website? What are the parts and how much are they? ,

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Hello everyone, today the editor has paid attention to a more interesting topic, which is about how much the cost of making the company's web page is, so the editor has compiled a related introduction about the cost of making the company's web page. How much is the answer, let us take a look. How much does it cost to build a company website. What are the parts and how much do they cost? How much does it cost to build a company website. What are the parts and how much do they cost? Many units will consider this issue before making a website. Many units who make a website for the first time will find that there are many charging items when they contact many Internet companies. The website production cost mainly includes the following four aspects: 1. Domain name 2. Space (virtual Host) 3. Website production fee 4. Website maintenance fee Domain name (annual renewal is required). There are not many domestic domain name registrars. The well-known ones in the country are Wanwang and Xinwang, and almost all other small registrars are these As an agent of a large company, the domain name registration fee changes every year, but basically the price does not fluctuate very much. The following is the latest domestic domain name price list, you can refer to it (it should be noted that the registration fee may be different from the annual renewal fee in the future. It will be slightly higher), we recommend users to register English domain names such as .com, .net or .cn, other types are not necessary to register, of course, you can also register domain names with other suffixes at the same time by protecting your brand. Space/virtual hosting (need to renew annually) there are too many virtual hosting providers, relatively large Wanwang, Xinwang, etc., including Hong Kong hosting, American hosting, etc. If you don’t want to file, you can choose foreign hosting, but if it is Formal companies, as far as possible, it is better to record. If you want to buy a virtual host, there is no need to go directly to big companies such as Wanwang and Xinwang, because their direct prices are very high, and because they mainly use agency channels, so the service for direct customers is not good. Very good, it is recommended to go to their agent to buy, the price is much lower, the general enterprise site, 200m space is enough, the price is around 200 yuan. Website production costs The so-called website production costs are actually website programs + labor costs. Now there are a lot of online production companies, and the prices vary. For example, for a corporate website, some companies can do it for 1,000 yuan, and some companies can do it for 5,000 yuan. , not to say that a low price must be bad, but a high price must be good. Choosing who to build a website requires the company to communicate with itself. Of course, if you have the conditions, you can download some well-known website building systems to do it yourself, such as pageadmin system, wordpress system, and discuz system. These are free to download and use. Users only need to spend some time You can make a very professional website just as you are familiar with the functions, and the website will not be subject to third-party companies, which is very beneficial for later maintenance and expansion. Website maintenance costs are only available to traditional Internet companies, mainly for information updates, product uploads, etc. Generally speaking, if you use a professional website building system to do it yourself, the website maintenance can be done internally by the company itself, because now it is better Dian's website building system has a powerful and easy-to-use website management background. To sum up: Find an online company production cost: domain name (100/year) + space (200/year) + website production fee (about 2000 yuan) + maintenance fee (1000/year). The cost of using the website building system: domain name (100/year) + space (200/year) + website production fee (none) + maintenance fee (none). So far, the above is the introduction to the question of how much the company's web page production cost is. I hope that the one-point answer about how much the company's web page production cost will be useful to everyone.

How much does it cost to make a company webpage? How much does it cost to build a company website? What are the parts and how much are they? ,



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